Bulk and Detailed Excavation

Based within the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Sydney Excavator caters to both companies and individuals requiring bulk and detailed excavation.

We offer a range of services and equipment that requires removing, moving, or adding large quantities of material.

Sydney Excavator also operates within a environmentally-friendly framework, ensuring that a majority of the excavated material is recycled if possible and the remaining material is disposed of at an appropriate site. This outlook also aids in reducing costs, both for the company and the client.

Our team of qualified and experienced operators are able to manage and complete all aspects of the excavation process which includes rock breaking, land clearance, and construction preparations. 

We also provide excavations to form:

  • Foundations for building
  • Footings and
  • Lift wells in spaces with tight access or difficult angles, using mini-excavators as well as rock saw and hammer attachments that offer a precise cut every time.

Our buckets, augers and grabs allow us to complete:

  • Land Clearance – tree removal, grass or vegetation removal and general site clearing
  • Cut & Fill / Land Leveling – Site levelling as required
  • Trenching – Retaining walls to pads, detailed footing works for foundations
  • Pool Excavations of all sizes
  • Pier Excavations

Quotes on bulk and detailed excavations can based on a per cubic meter rate or as a lump sum price. To find out how we can help you with your bulk and detailed excavation, please contact 04 13 167 541 or complete our contact form.

Sydney Excavator: Bulk excavation and detailed excavation carried out by three different excavators in Sydney. The excavators are in the process of removing a large quantity of soil and dirt from a former house demolition site in Sydney.